Alphabet game – 12th January, 2018

Hi everyone!

Happy New Year!

This week in our English lessons we have been learning about the alphabet and how we can put words in alphabetical order.

Click on this link to see if you can help Roy the Zebra sort the words?

Have fun!

Miss Ali 🙂

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Xmas week 2017 in class 1A

We’ve been busy making lots of Christmassy things this week! I think the chocolate reindeers were the class favourite!

Miss Ali x

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Class 1A’s Stickman pictures

Stickman pics on PhotoPeach

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Homework 6th December, 2017

Hi everyone,

Homework this week will be a Science and Phonics based one.  Click the link below and play this interactive game, can you name the different body parts?

The first game is called pick a picture and is a good game to practice blending sounds and work on memory skills.

The  second game is called sentence substitution whereby you read a sentence and then click and drag new words to make a new sentence.

Mrs Efstathiou’s and Mrs Jones’ phonics groups are working with phase 3 and Miss Ali’s group are working with phase 3 and phase 5a.

Click on the links below to play.





The Year 1 Team





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Number formation song

Hello everyone!

Here is the link to the video we use in class that helps us to practice number formation.


Miss Ali 🙂


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Maths homework – Wednesday 8th November, 2017

Maths homework for this week is focusing on subtraction.

Click the link below to play the subtraction game.

Miss Ali 🙂




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Year 1 Welly walk – Wednesday 8th November, 2017

Welly walk on PhotoPeach

Hello everyone,

Today we had a great morning! It was finally the day of our Welly walk! Everyone was excited!

We spent time in the den first where we went on a leaf hunt and made natural collage bookmarks.

Soon after, we made our way to the Treasure woods and we did some tree rubbings and some transient Art.

Everyone was smiling and having fun.

We soon came back inside for a drink and a quick snack. The children of class 1A then surprised the adults with a performance of their favourite song ‘Seasons of the year’

Thank you to all the adults that came and joined in.

Have a look through the slideshow and see what we got up to.

Miss Ali 🙂

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English – rhyming words

This week we have been learning about rhyming words.

Here are a few that we discussed in class. Can you think of any more?

Comment below and let us know!

Miss Ali 🙂

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Practising writing tricky words 3.11.2017

It’s tricky word Friday!

Have a look at the pictures to see us practising how to spell some tricky words.

Tricky words on PhotoPeach

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Our firework pictures – 2.11.2017

Check out our Bonfire night pictures we created.

What colours can you see?


Class 1A x

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